STYLE | JANUARY 11, 2017

I shot these pics a few weeks ago but due to tons of assignments and a bit of partying had no time to sit down write and post them. Currently chilling to some ‘childish gambino’ vibes and felt like bringing it on.

Past month in Barcelona has been busy: classes at uni everyday, lots of assignments and readings, exams and all that, well this is what getting a masters degree is all about. Apart from that I had to move to a new apartment, which was quite difficult, moving all the stuff (lord, it was a lot of things, don’t know how I managed to buy that much in only 4 months), and dealing with the landlord wasn’t the easiest thing possible, but yeah, seems like it is over.

It is fun though, the whole experience. Studying as much as possible, cooking for myself, cleaning and doing the chores and in the end trying to bring something to you via my blog. Feels good and def gives me the idea of how adult life pretty much looks like. At the same time teaches me how to balance between work, passion and fun.

The outfit I wore during this shoot is quite simple, yet in my opinion, the five petal beauty brings enough emotion to it. right?

have a good evening xxx
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