LIFESTYLE | January 31, 2018

Well, first I cannot believe that I am here, at this stage in my life. 3 years ago I was the first blogger in Kosovo and only a few people knew what a ‘blogger’ actually is. And who would have thought that I would expand my blog to this stage. Well when I say, for the second time this stage I’m sure that you are thinking what stage is she referring to? Lol.

Well the whole journey has been amazing. I’ve worked with so many amazing people, was featured in so many amazing magazines, so yes, had my ups and downs but it was all worth it. Every time I posted something though, whether that be an outfit, a picture, an article, a song, a caption, it all came from deep within. To do something I have to feel it, and that is exactly how I felt about my blog.

I have been working a lot recently, and when I got back from Barcelona (after finishing my Masters degree) I put January or February as a time when I will launch my first product, and also launch my brand. Well, that is actually happening. I have been designing my first product recently and it is all hand made so I am super excited to share that with you. It will be launched in a few days and after that one I will not stop. I am SO happy and really I just cannot put it into words, just telling you this now is giving me the utmost adrenaline, let alone when I will actually put it online and make it available for you to buy, wear and look fukin gorgeous in it.

SHARING this with you is so important for me and I hope that all of you guys who ever dream of something end up making it real. It did work for me, but I have to tell you from the bottom of my heart that I worked my ass off, literally.

Ill let you enjoy my writing for now and I will make you wait only a few more days till I launch my VERY FIRST product. I would love to know what YOU think because that’s all that matters to me.

Love, forever!


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